Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The Trend that anyone can do and look good. HATS protect from sun, give you style on bad hair days, a conversation piece , confidence , casual to formal , it here to style, a must have in everyone's worderobe .  shown here is my favorite looks on men and women, Jonny Depp and Pharrell Williams are my person male style go to.

hairstyles you can do

I created all of the looks for the average women to duplicate .

girls becoming WOMEN

No matter what day of the week it is , be ready for to unexpected . Women have the Power to influence by first showing pride in your appearance . you can command respect just by presenting your self in a manner of personal upkeep. so it's for you and this will create an atmosphere of high standards to live by. The casual gym look is a bore ......
take just a little time to fluff your hair and basic make up. lip gloss. brows nails and a great shoe or flat. it's not that hard....